Staff are very warm and friendly !

I visited Utkarshas Dental Center as was suggested to me by my political colleagues.I am very happy with the treatment given to me. I got multiple root canal treatments which was done painlessly and in single sitting. Also multiple crowns were placed. I am very glad I visited the clinic and appreciate the professional attitude of Dr.Utkarsha Lokesh, all their consultants and the staff.

- Mr. Katta Subramanya Naidu,Bangalore- Ex. Minister, Govt. of Karnataka

Very Professional and Kind !

I was very pleased with the treatment I received at Utkarshas dental centre. A very professional team.

- Sri Siddeswara- G M - Ex. Minister of State, Govt. of India

Amazing Ambience and Staff !

A close friend of mine at Hassan referred me to Dr Utkarsha lokesh. Numerous attempts at correcting my smile were in vain at Hassan. This time I decided to visit Dr Utkarsha Lokesh. He gave me a new smile and just took 2 sittings to give me my smile back. Very friendly and they made me feel very comfortable.

- Mrs. Chitra.- Government employee. Hassan.

Thanks for making my life !

I met with an accident 10 days before my engagement. I lost my front tooth in the accident.I met Dr Utkarsha lokesh and he placed an implant and in 78 days, he restored my teeth. Thank him for the quality and professional work they carried out and they deliver on time.

- Miss. Mihika - Dietician

Thank you for restoring my confidence and improving my productivity !

I never used to smile before I visited dr Utkarsha lokesh. He designed my smile in such a wonderful fashion that I have not stopped smiling since then. I am extremely satisfied with the care and end result. Thank you Dr Utkarsha and the entire team for restoring my confidence and improve my productivity

- Mrs. Prabha - RT Nagar

I highly recommend this clinic to one and all...!

I had lost my confidence as my front teeth were in a very week and a bad shape. Previous treatments that I underwent were extremely painful and I almost lived in the dental clinic in Australia. One of my anesthetist friends suggested Dr Utkarsha lokesh and since I had a very tight schedule, of may be 8 days I had almost left hopes of getting it corrected. But thought I shall go to him and take his suggestion. I was surprised with the confidence he instilled in me and he promised me that the treatment and my new smile should be delivered in a week’s time. Was hard to believe though.He and his entire team swung into action and I got a new smile ion the 6th day. I am very very glad and happy about the dental care and hospitality I received. All the best Dr Utkarsha and team. God bless.

- Mrs. Sowmya - Melbourne, Australia-Software engineer

Visited For Implant Rehabilitation...!

I liked the clinic and Dr is very my dental implants done.dr utkarsha is very meticulous in planning and he has done a wonderful job.tge treatment was over in the same day and the post treatment pain was minimum . Didn't feel pain during procedure too. Thank you sir.

- Verified Patient - Bangalore

Visited For Dental Implant Fixing !

Am extremely satisfied with dental implant treatment and wisdom tooth extraction that I underwent with Dr utkaraha .. He is extremely professional and very gentle and super fast yet gentle.... Thank you sir

- Mr. Kiran- Bangalore

Visited For Dental Surgery !

Very Friendly and encouraging. Involves the patient ,empathises with the patient. Talks to the patient. Quick in the process . Service involves minimal pain as much as possible.

- Mr. Bhuvan Veeregowda

Visited For Implants(Fixed Teeth) !

Doctor is very friendly and easily approachable, explains in detail on actual problem.Earlier we visited two dentist without success,Finally we got solution, and not expensive also!!

- Mr. Sony N S

Visited For Teeth Reshaping / Artificial Teeth !

I had a fantabulous experience when I visited Utkarshas Dental & Implant Clinic at Malleswaram for my root canal. Dr. Uthkasrha personally took interest and explained me all the procedures and options available. The treatment was done in a very methodical way. Everyone at the clinic were friendly. The place also had good welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. I would really recommend this clinic to everybody.

- Mrs. Anitha Praveen

Visited For Artificial Teeth !

Dr. Utkarsha was a godsend to me. In a time where I thought there was nothing more, I could do for my teeth he listened to my concerns and gave me a perfect treatment that suited my timeline. He was very patient and discussed the pros and cons of the treatment and was always available for any concerns raised. A very friendly atmosphere at the clinic made the process very easy to bear. Thank you

- Mr. Deepika Ranjan

Visited For Laser Surgery !

I had a hole in my tongue for the past 8years suffered due to road traffic accident..I had no courage to get the treatment done with the fear of going dumb.I lived with the deformity for theses many years. Accidentally I visited an ent surgeon who referred me to Dr. Utkarsha.He has an amazing hand and he dispelled all my fears in no time and the moment I saw him I felt that I am in safe hands.he was thoroughly professional and using laser he corrected myh deformity in no time and gave me a new found confidence and life..the staff are too friendly and I profusely thank Dr utkarsha and his team for giving me my life back... THANK YOU....

- Mr. Shyamu

Visited For Dental Surgery !

I was scared with the pain of tooth extraction and had postponed wisdom tooth extraction from 3 y. I had to walk into Utkarshas dental clinic because the pain was unbearable. Doctor was kindful, friendly, and promised me to extract the tooth in few seconds without giving pain. I was surprised with the painless tooth extraction process that happened in say some 15-20 sec. Dr Utkarsh is definitely a skilled professional who knows to handle patients well. Thanks much.

- Mrs. Kamalamma

Visited For Teeth Whitening / Root Canal Treatment (RCT) !

Dr utkarsha and team were excellent and his consultants were sweet and educated me the procedure, Dr utkarsha lokesh asked me to take a second opinion and only then come back.i liked this approach,i would tell my friends and family about the clinic ,Beena madam ' Dr utkarsha lokeshs secretary was very warm and kind,,


Visited For Root Canal Treatment (RCT) !

I recommend the doctor. I'm very much impressed with the treatment and the doctors r very challenging, I m relieved with the pain I defntly suggest all my freinda my neighbours and my relatives.l once again I thank all the doctors and staffs for their patience and their friendliness .Tanku

- Mrs. Ramesh

Visited For Bleeding Gum !

This is my first visit to this clinic. Doctors Anshu & Piu are very courteous and after listening & examining me, gave me complete info on the issue. The good thing is that they do not suggest something unnecessary. Dr. Utkarsh personally examined me and ensured the quality check. I will definitely recommend this clinic to others.


Visited For Immediate Dentures !

It was really quick service with best solution and the doctor briefed about the treatment to be given

- Mr. Mayank

Visited For Ceramic Crowns and Bridges Fixing !

It was indeed a great experience and I would definitely recommend Dr utkarsha lokesh to one and all. Staff are absolutely courteous. Dr utkarsha is highly skilled and made mefeel comfortable. The treatment charges also are extremely reasonable for the service provided................3cheers and 5 stars without any hesitation

- Mr. Mallikarjuna

Visited For Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery !

I went to this clinic for my mother jaw surgery.Utkarsh sir explained me all the procedure very clearly.Utkarsh sir did the surgery and now my mother is recovering fast. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.Thanks Utkarsh sir and Team

- Mr. Neeraj Maor

Visited For Mucogingival Surgery !

Overall it was a friendly environment. The treatment when tom smoothly and didn’t feel any pain while the surgery was going on.

- Mr. Arihant Kumar M

Visited For Dentofacial Orthopedics !

A thorough professional and very friendly and precise in his work..has a set up for comprehensive personality upgrade with a dedicated team.

- Mr. Daniel

Visited For Laser Gum Surgery !

Doctors were friendly and professional.I am satisfied with the treatment that I have got.I would recommend this clinic for any gum related issues.

- Mr. Mahendra Reddy

Visited For Aesthetic Dentistry !

Good suggestiov got from the doctor ,defnetly I sujest my freinda relatives n my neighbours to Dr uthkarsha dental I m very much relevd from pain and tension now I can smile without anyy hesitation also I scan eat whatever I wish doctos and staffs very cortious and cooperative thanks

- Mrs. Nagarathna

Visited For Implant Prosthesis !

It was an amazing experience.the tooth was removed on the same day implants were placed and after 3 hours the tooth was replaced. It was superb and painless experience. The entire team was Great. 3 cheers.

- Mrs. Prema Prakash

Visited For Wisdom Tooth Extraction !

The doctor is highly qualified and experienced to handle camplex cases. He diagnosed the problem immediately and explained everything very clearly ao we were able to make the right decision. He was very friendly and I will definitely recommend him.

- Mrs. Vidyullatha

Visited For Tooth Coloured Fillings !

Excelent doctor and very good explaination about the treatment and did a very good rootcanal thank you so much doctor utarkash ** *** **** i think for the dental problems i recommend to thies doctor for the dental solutions to my friends and newphews thank you

- Verified Patient

Visited For Dental Fillings / Scaling / Polishing / Root Canal Treatment (RCT)!

Overall experience is excellent. Staff is very co-operative and good. I will suggest utkarsh clinic to the people who have dental problems.

- Baby of Mrs. Anupama

Visited For Cavities !

I got a good experience and really helpful service. Glad to find the place and would suggest it ahead for friends and family.

- Verified Patient

Visited For Dental Implant Fixing!

It was good. The team identified the problem. proper treatment was given. Staff were so kind to remind my appointment and helped in solving my teeth problem


Visited For Jaw Orthopedics !

Excellent experience.... My treatment was painless and had no problems ..met with an accident and my lower jaw was fractured but the doctor took a very good care of it and now I can bite correctly.

- Mr. Harish

Visited For Osseointegrated implants !

it was quite painless and series of radiographs taken.I liked the staff and the high standard of sterilization.Dr explained problem in detail and given treatment.I'm happy that I came here for treatment.

- Verified Patient

Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery !

Most hospitable and friendly. Patient can be at ease with absolutely nothing to worry about. All questions are answered with a lot of patience and doctor ensures that at we go back with a satisfied smile.

- Mr. Praveen

Visited For FUT Hair Transplant !

Am extremely satisfied with dental implant treatment and wisdom tooth extraction that I underwent with Dr utkaraha .. He is extremely professional and very gentle and super fast yet gentle.... Thank you sir

- Mr. Abhay Deshmukh

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